15 Interesting & Never Heard Before Facts About Academy Awards or Oscars

word Oscars officially introduced during 1939 ceremony

The Academy Awards or The Oscars, no matter whatever you call it. If you are a fan of it, you must be a movie buff.

The much-awaited Academy Awards held annually is a must watch program on TV by movie lovers worldwide. But before that, do you know about the fact that Academy Awards is also known as the Oscars?

The origin of the name Oscar till date is disputed. Walt Disney also thanked the Academy for his Oscar as early as 1932.Term Oscar was first mentioned in the Time magazine article in the year 1934, during the 6th academy awards. The trophy earned its name “Oscar” in 1939 award ceremony.

But it can’t be much of a big deal until and unless you know all these facts mentioned below. Why not test your friend’s knowledge on the given below interesting and never heard facts about Academy Awards.

1. And the First ever Academy Award Winner goes to…Emil Jennings

A very interesting incident happened at the first Academy Award Ceremony held in 1927-28 when its first person to receive the Academy Award Emil Jennings (Only german citizen so far) couldn’t receive his best actor award in person. Emil had left for his home in Germany before the ceremony and he was announced as the best actor only after he reached home.

emil jennings, oscars awards 1929, best actor 1929 first academy awards, german

2. Oscar wins the Oscar

Oscar Hammerstein II of the movie “Lady Be Good (1941)” fame won the first Oscar Award for the best music for his song “The Last Time I Saw Paris”.

3. The first and the only X-rated movie to win the Academy Awards

“Midnight Cowboy (1969)” was the first and probably the only X-rated non-pornographic Hollywood movie to win an Academy Award(3 awards) for the best picture.

midnight cowboys movie scene, x rated movie won oscars

4. The First Color movie to win the Academy Award

Hollywood’s most remembered and famous movie in Technicolor “Gone with the Wind (1939) was the first movie filmed in color to win the Best Picture Award.

5. The first posthumous Academy Award trivia

The first person to be nominated posthumously and who also won the award was screenwriter Sidney Howard for the movie “Gone with the Wind (1939).

6. Never officially nominated for the Academy Award, yet a Winner!

Hal Mohr of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935)” fame was the first and maybe the last person to win an award without being actually nominated officially. Via a write-in vote, Hal Mohr was nominated for Best Cinematography and later awarded for the same.

7. When the Academies decided to let go of their historic phrase – “And the winner is…..”

In the 61st Academy Awards ceremony year 1989, the association decided to withdraw their famous trademark phrase “And the Winner is…” with the phrase “And the Oscar goes to……”. Since then you would hear hosts or the anchors announcing the winner’s name with the phrase “And the Oscar goes to….”

And the oscar goes to phrase first used

8. Charlie’s wait for 20 years

Charlie Chaplin’s “Limelight” produced in 1952 won an Academy Award after 20 years due to a clause in the Academy Award rules written during that time which did not allow a movie considered for an Academy Award until that movie was screened in Los Angeles. The movie “Limelight” was finally re-released in the United States in 1972 which included its first screening in Los Angeles. This made the decades-old film to be eligible for the 45th Academy Awards where Chaplin won his only competitive Academy Award.

charlie chaplin the limlight movie scene, dressing room

9. The First time when Academy Awards seen on television

The Academy Awards ceremony was first time televised on the 19th of March, 1953, across the United States and Canada and was hosted by Bob Hope. The Awards has broadcast again, but this time in color for the first time on April 18, 1966.

academy awards on TV in 1953 illustration

10. The highest record of nominations with no single win

In the history of Oscar, there are only two movies which have been tied together for the highest nominations for Oscars. Both “The Turning Point (1977) and “The Color Purple (1985)” received 11 nominations each for the highest nominations but never won a single Oscar in any category.

11. Most Oscar Statuette bagged by a movie

Titanic(1997), Ben-Hur (1959), & The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) three films have won 11 Academy Awards. All holds the record for most Academy Awards won by a single film.

lords of the rings, ben hur, titanic, 11 oscar awards for all

12. 3048 Oscar trophies distributed so far

A grand total of 3048 academy awards or Oscars awards have been awarded to date.(1927 to 2017)

13. Television ratings and advertising prices during Oscars

Approx 37.26 million people saw Oscars on television in the year 2015, the average cost for a 30-second TV commercial during the ceremony was $ 2 million.

14. Record breaking Oscar’s Host

Actor and comedian Bob Hope, holds the record for hosting or co-hosting the Oscars 18 times. Followed by Billy Crystal 9 and Johnny Carson 5 times.

15. The host cum Oscars winner

The only host has ever won Oscars is David Niven during 31st academy awards in 1959. In the category of best actor for the movie called Separate Tables.

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