Lesser known facts about Oscars Trophy and the “Oscar” statuette

oscars trophies on display

The Oscars are more renowned in light of the fact that they are voted on by the Academy.

Executives vote in favor of Best Director, performers vote in favor of the Best Actor and Best Actress grants, screenwriters vote in favor of the Best Screenplay grants, and so on. So, the champs are picked by their Hollywood associates, which is the most astounding honor.

1. The story of Knight in Oscar Statuette:

The Oscar Trophy or Statuette displays a Knight standing on a reel of film holding a crusader’s sword. The Los Angeles sculptor George Stanley was commissioned to create the design in 3 dimensions.

human size replica, oscars Statuette
image source: weird.com
2. 5 Spokes of Oscars:

The Oscar statuette stands 13 ½ inches tall and weighs 8 ½ pounds. The statuette also showcases a reel featuring five spokes, signifying the five original branches of the Academy: Actors, Directors, Producers, Technicians, and Writers.

3. Birth of the Academy Awards of Merit:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which was created to honor great men in the field of art and science set out on a task to honor outstanding moviemaking achievements and encourage excellence in the field of motion picture production.

4. Manufacturing of the Oscars trophy:

Oscar trophies are manufactured by Polich Tallix(Los Angeles artist George Stanley). It takes about 3 months to make 50 statuettes.

oscars tophy, making, Polich Tallix
image source: adweek.com
5. Creator of Oscars trophy:

The Academy members at a dinner held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles created a superb statuette designed by the MGM art director Cedric Gibbons to honor men in the field of filmmaking.

6. Calling it Oscar:

Officially named the Academy Award of Merit, it is better known by its nickname “Oscar” with no surety from where this misnomer has been derived from. The Academy adopted the name “Oscar” only in 1939 and since then the world has been impatiently waiting for a devotee to get the glimpse of the Oscar award every year.

7. 24-karat majestic trophy, Oscar:

The Oscar statuette is originally cast out of bronze and then plated in 24-karat gold.

making of oscars trophy in plant
image source: slate.com
8. Wooden Oscar trophies distributed during World War II:

During the World War II when most of the metals were being used to make arms and ammunition, the Academy decided to paint plaster the statuette for three years. At the end of the war, the distributed plastic painted trophies were redeemed at the Academy for the gold-plated metal ones.

9. The First Oscars goes to…

The first recipient of the coveted award for the best actor category was Emil Jennings for his role in the hit movie “The Last Command” and for “The Way of All Flesh” in 1929.

10. Oscar trophy awarded

A total of 3,048 Oscar awards have been presented till 2017.

 Making of Oscars statuette video:

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