10 Interesting Facts About Queens Around The World & Their Weird Habits

History respects queens for their beauty while some loathe them for their uncanny behavior.

Some are known to throw tantrums while some were considered angels with a saint heart for the masses. While history is full of such figures, Queen from many countries and various kingdoms have found their names listed in the following facts about their strange behaviors, but there are still many to be named.

1. Queen Victoria of England and Munshi Karim

This may sound like masala love story movie. But Queen Victoria(age 66 then) of England had been in a controversial relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim(age 24). Queen was so impressed by Karim, She promoted him from a clerk to a highly decorated secretary.

Its said Victoria used to stay with Karim at night on a Scottish estate. this controversy almost shook entire British monarchy.

There have several books and also a feature film (Victoria & Abdul) on this controversy now.

2. Favourable Queen Catherine of Great Russian Empire

Queen Catherine of Russia was known to have taken many lovers, while her rule and often granted them high positions as long they had their interests reserved for the queen. When they lost interests the lovers would be sent off with a hefty pension and large estates in their names.

3. Queen Victoria and Weed

Queen Victoria (1837-1901) Ruler of British empire used cannabis to alleviate her menstrual cramps.

4. Roman Empress Valeria Messalina was Part time Prostitute

The ancient Roman Empress Valeria Messalina liked to work as a prostitute during her free time. She would compete with other women prostitutes to see who could take more men at a time.

5. Speed Conscious Queen Victoria of England

Queen Victoria demanded that while she was traveling on a train, the speed of the train should not exceed 40 miles per hour and that the train to be stopped when she takes her meals.

6. The Byzantine Empress Theodora aka Naked Queen

Empress Theodora of Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) began her life as an actress of ill repute, where it was rumored that she would let geese eat barleys off her naked body in front of thousand men.

7. Trendsetter Portuguese Queen -TEA Tradition

The act of drinking tea was introduced by the Portuguese Queen, Catherine of Braganza.

8. Humanitarian Queen of Belgium, A War Nurse

During World War I, The King of Belgium, Albert I fought alongside his troops while his wife Queen Elisabeth worked as a nurse at the front.

9. Royal Comfort, Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth- II employs somebody to wear her shoes and soften up the hard leather, before her to ensure that the shoes are comfortable to wear.

10. Queen of Thailand Drowned to Death in Front Many

In 1880, The Queen of Thailand Sunanda Kumariratana drowned while her subjects watched the incident as they were not allowed to touch the queen. According to the royal rule book, Nobody was allowed to touch the royal person. Back then it was considered a capital offense—not even to save her life.

11. Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t Require a Passport to Travel Anywhere

Queen Elizabeth II does not have a passport, since all British passports are issued in the Queen’s name. She herself doesn’t require one. Also, she has been the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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