10 Most Amazing Inventions by Genius Child Inventors of All Time

youngest teen/child inventors of all time

You don’t need a lifetime of a practice or an experience to stumble upon a great idea. Presenting some amazingly talented child prodigy inventors.

Sometimes a slight spark of an innovative mental effort can lead to a surprising, unbelievable and mind-boggling invention which might set up a new light.

1. Farm Boy Philo Farnsworth The Real Inventor of TV.

It’s hard to believe that 15 years old farm boy can be behind an invention, which has become the inseparable part of our life… yes TELEVISION.  Child Prodigy Philo Farnsworth created the first ever model of television that could electronically produce the moving images in 1927.

philo fransworh inventor of television at age 12

2. First invention Bell Rang at age 12

Well, who must not know famous Alexander graham bell from history, the inventor of the telephone? He actually invented the modern day telephone when he was 18, but this wasn’t his first invention? Before the telephone, He invented de-husking machine for his friend’s family(remove the husks from grain) at the age of 12.

Alexander Graham Bell, young age invention at 12

3. Earmuffs that employed a town for 60 Years!

More than a protective ear shield worn during winters, earmuffs are now more in vogue as a style quotient worn primarily during winters. Chester Greenwood of  Maine, United States. Invented earmuffs in the year 1873 when he was just 15 years kid. As an answer to his allergy towards hats and long flap like caps, Greenwood decided to “Stitch” something suitable to his skin which would not only defend his ears from the cold but also save him from the irritating allergy which caused him to think for this innovative idea. This teen inventor who patented Earmuffs successfully managed to employ his town of Farmington for 60 years!

chester greenwood invented earmuffs at age of 15

4. Ben Franklin’s Lightning rod, odometer, bifocals, Swimming flippers etc etc etc.

The above-mentioned subheadings are just some of the lesser known inventions of a little genius Ben Franklin who at the age of 11 years invented the swimming flippers. His love for making unusual objects and inventing some really wonderful and useful objects for mankind did not end there. Until he reached his adulthood, Ben had already invented a lot of other notable items worth mentioning, the swimming flippers being the first due to his love for swimming that earned him a spot in the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He has been most successful inventor president of US + rest in the history of the world ever.

ben franklin invented swimming flippers

5. Call it Super Man, American Stripe Super Hero or Man of Steel

The small restless mind is often thought to be the brightest in the lot, wandering around looking for new and innovative ideas. Same can be said about this small boy who at the tender age of 13 invented the greatest superhero the world had ever imagined – The Superman, American stripe superhero. A passionate lover of Sci-Fi stories, Jerry Siegel, one night looked out of his bedroom window, hit upon an idea and quickly jotted down something in his notepad. He carried his notes next morning to his artist friend Joe Shuster. Based on those notes, Joe created one of the finest Science fiction hero – Superman.

6. Underwater Water Talkie… roger that.

A young 13-year-old fifth grader, Richie Stachowski invented a device which was a revolutionary invention notable even in the military world. The underwater phone or the water talkie was the first-class hit and soon its production was underway so much so the first year sale skyrocketed since its invention. This small invention not only helped the local public who would now use the water talkie underwater to communicate with their friends but major military pursuits have done underwater, large-scale underwater scuba diving, deep-sea exploration in a large team was made easy with the invention of the water talkie. The young inventor Richie Stachowski soon sold off his company to a San Francisco based Toy Company.

richie stachowski invention under water walkie talkie at age 13, become extremely useful for military and deep sea explorer

7. Colourful Christmas Lights

Hats off to Thomas Alva Edison and Nicolas Tesla for inventing electricity. And hats off to Albert Sadacca, a 15-year-old lad who invented the world’s first Christmas lights. This teen inventor’s novel idea to invest his genius mind in a social cause brought colors to his efforts when he with the help of his parent’s electric company produced the “Affordable” Christmas Lights. Before the advent of electricity, people used to light candles around the Christmas trees which were sometimes disastrous as the dry leaves of the Christmas trees would catch fire from the burning candles. Thus the electric lights brought a lot of relief to the people’s lives and security from any fire mishap then after.

8. Braille, an invention out of necessity.

At a very tender age of 3, Louis Braille met with the biggest blow to his life when he lost his vision power. The tragedy occurred when he met with a major accident which not only blinded his right eye but the infection spreading from the right eye also affected his left eye thus leaving him blind for the rest of his life. Still, Louis did not let his disability to come across his determination and hard work. At the age of 12, Louis Braille learned a style of silent language, a form of communication originally used by the French Military. Louis further simplified it later to produce the first Braille language for the blind in the year 1824.

9. Cheapest Braille Printer

12-year-old Shubham Banerjee from India created a Braille Printer from a LEGO Mindstorms set in the year 2014. This new and recent invention though considered a revolutionary in the Braille world is much more affordable and attainable than its alley. The cheapest Braille Printer invented by Indian inventor named as Braigo and is fast catching up Braille world quite like a storm.

Indian inventor shubham banerjee invented cheapest braille printer

10. 25,000 drawing in 2522 days.

Although it’s nowhere an invention, certainly nothing less than that. Kerala born, Indian child prodigy Edmund Thomas Clint(1976–1983). He is known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings during his life short life of 7 years. He died due to the cause of kidney failure.

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