Most Weird and Interesting Facts About Christmas Trees

Do you know, what is the real religious or symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree also knows as the Paradise tree is a symbol of the Tree of wisdom & Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.
The green color of Christmas tree represents life and prosperity.

Decoration of Christmas tree with gifts (god’s gifting), Lights(candles in earlier days), Apples (to represent the forbidden fruit), Blue and white (represents snow the winter), Red (Jesus blood), Candle on the top or star these days(represents the star of Bethlehem, which guided 3 wise men to spot Jesus birth location). In short, The Christmas tree represents the tree of life, which has everything from happiness to sorrow.

The most common symbol during Christmas is obviously the beautifully ornamented Christmas tree. But have you ever wondered what are the weird myths and theories connected with the most popular symbols of the winter holiday season? Let’s have a look at the most interesting facts about Christmas Trees mentioned below.

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1. Germans started the Christmas tree trend.

Germans introduced the concept of “The Christmas Tree” (Weihnachtsbaum or Christbaum) custom in the 16th-century. They decorated Christmas tree by hanging round pastry wafers(Eucharist), replaced by cookies in modern time.

2. Christmas Tree – The symbol of life

Since the last 2000 years “Evergreen Trees” have been decorated as “Christmas Trees” as they symbolized life. Their natural ability to remain green the whole year makes it the most accepted symbol of the holiday season and has been in use even before the birth of Christ!

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3. World’s first Tallest Real Christmas Tree

The world’s first Tallest Christmas Tree recorded in Guinness World Records measured 67.36m and was set up for display in Seattle in the year 1950. The decorated Douglas fir tree was almost 20-storeys tall!

4. The wired upside down tradition of the 17th and 18th century

During the 17th and 18th century, people in the west used to hang the Christmas Trees upside down. A common tradition then, which is no more practiced in the modern time.

5. The first electric Christmas trees

Thanks to Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of electricity and the efforts of his assistant Edward Johnson on whose blessings people started lighting the Christmas trees instead of the traditional candles. The first electric Christmas tree lights appeared in the 1890s.

Thomas Edison invented world first electric Christmas tree lights appeared in the 1890s.

6. China is the largest manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees

Christmas trees “Made in China”. Oh yes! And if this fact pinches you see your other products, you will surely find the statement “Made in China” written on them too. About 80% of the artificial trees come from the factories of China which are generally made from PVC plastic.

7. Largest sale of Christmas trees

Each year around 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the US alone which makes it the highest and the topmost competitor in the Christmas tree sale market.

8. Why the star or an angel on the top of the Christmas tree?

The angel placed on the top of the Christmas tree represents Archangel Gabriel who brought the news of Jesus’s birth to the Magi and the star represents the Star of Bethlehem from the Nativity.

9. The national Christmas tree of US

The US has its own version of a national Christmas Tree set up in the South Lawn of the White House which has been lit since 1923 to mark the onset of Christmas.

National Christmas tree white house 2017 source:

10. Christmas tree and Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus’s birth

Did you know Christmas tree and the festival of Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus’s birth, The first recorded Christmas celebration was in Rome in the year 336. Truth is nobody actually know when was Jesus born, meanwhile MARRY CHRISTMAS.

Would you interested in knowing, how many trees are cut down each year in the US for Christmas every year? Well, check the real vs fake Christmas tree sold in the US alone from 2004 to 2016.


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