10 Most Amazing & Famous Festivals Celebrated Around The World

10 Most Amazing & Famous Festivals Celebrated Around The World.

Who wouldn’t love to be a part of a grand event or a national festival of any foreign country? As a tourist, we always wait to be a part of a colorful celebration, representing the true colors of that particular country we are visiting.

Our stay becomes more memorable when we get to rejoice with fun and frolic along with the citizens of that country, their national festivals. Below are given some of the world’s most exciting festivals which you would love to be a part of if get a chance.

1. Lantern Festival – Pingxi, Taiwan

You must have seen the amazing glimpse of this famous festival in various wallpapers. This festival takes place every year around the last week of the month of February in Taiwan. Thousands of lanterns are flown off to the sky by Taiwanese as well as visitors come from across the world. Who come here specially to watch this surreal event illuminating the night sky with lanterns making the night sky look spectacular.

sky Lantern, Festival, Pingxi, Taiwan

2. Mardi Gras Festival – New Orleans, United States

Mardi Gras literally means Fat Tuesday, Usually organized in Feb or March month every year. This Annual Festival attracts more than 1.2 million visitors from around the globe. This is one of the oldest fest probably, which started in the year 1699.  There is multiple version of Mardi Gras fest across the world, as it’s linked with Christianity and Christmas.

Mardi Gras, Festival, New Orleans, United States

3. La Tomatina Festival – Buñol, Spain

The most amazing fact behind this festival is, It evolved from a street fight occurred in 1945, during which people started pelting everyone with vegetables from the stalls. Later, La Tomatino fest remained banned till 1957. After the huge native protest, festival later restarted with rules in place. It is organized on the last Wednesday of August(26-29 August.

La Tomatina, Festival, Buñol, Spain, tomato fight festival, spain

4. Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival – Gloucester, England

Held in the month of May on the 26th day in Gloucester, England. You can see hundreds of crazy men running after a wheel of cheese rolled down a hill. Quite a fun festival. Can keep it in your bucket list of festivals to watch for.

5. Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the mother of all parades which takes place annually in the month of February 28 which continues till March 2nd. Not only you get to party like wild animals, but also take part in the colorful costume show, with loud samba music and of course the giant parades. A great day to live out of the ordinary life in Brazilian style.

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, parade festival

6. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

It starts around last week of September and continues till the first week of October, with men, women, young girls and boys in their traditional attires drinking beer to their fullest. Music and dance continue till late night with a barrel full of beer wetting the streets of Munich.

7. Tomorrowland – Boom, Belgium

It is the world’s largest electronic dance music (EDM) festival attracting a huge crowd from around the world every year between 20 to 30 July. Visitors flock to this event to dance day and night away with their favorite booze and music.

Tomorrowland festival, stage, Boom, Belgium

8. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival – Lerwick, Scotland

It is arguably Europe’s largest Fire festival with the complete show of fire. It marks the day of the defeat of the Vikings in the hands of the Scottish fleet with a full-scale Viking ship put up in flames and people parading the streets of Lerwick in traditional Scottish soldier costumes and flames in their hands hailing the victory of the Scottish soldiers.

9. Dia de Los Muertos – celebrated by Mexicans in the U.S, Canada, Mexico & Europe

This festival is celebrated especially by the Mexicans every year on November 1. They celebrate this day as all Saint’s Day or the day of the dead, which remembers those who have passed before us. A must watch festival, with the colorful display of costumes, colors and a wonderful culture of the Mexicans.

10. Boryeong Mud festival – Boryeong, South Korea

This festival is equivalent to the festival of colors-Holi, celebrated in India celebrated in India. The only difference is in India people, play with colors in India while in South Korea people decorate each other with mud packs. This festival takes place annually around mid-July.

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