10 Most Interesting & Historical Facts About Valentine’s Day

history of valentine's day and why it is celebrated.

14th February is somewhere somewhat dedicated to love and romance now, but why? What is the history of valentine day and what does it really mean?

Get over your New Year celebrations, Love is in the air and so is the season of gifting and loving your friends and beloved is around the corner.

What is Valentine’s Day historic Relevance and story?

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated like a ritual since the middle ages, around the world though it is a western installation and its influence around the world is a recent development. Yet Saint Valentine, on whose birth the day has been dedicated, took a romantic angle when Emperor Claudius II of Rome declared that none of his army men would marry during the wartime. Bishop Valentine of the Roman Church objected to the Emperor’s weird law and further conducted secret marriages between young men and women. The Emperor came to know about it and quickly ordered for Valentine’s arrest and ultimately execution. While his stay in the jail before his death, Valentine wrote a letter addressing to the Jailor’s daughter signing it “from your Valentine”. So on this and every Valentine’s Day do not forget to remember the great Saint Valentine who gave you this day to remember your beloved.

1. The color of love

Red is believed to be the color of love. It signifies romantic feelings and makes the opposite sex get attracted as soon they see the color red. Hence on Valentine’s Day people mostly buy red roses to give as a token of love to their beloved.

velentine day greetings, fact

2. A sign of bad luck

During the Victorian times, it was considered a bad luck if one signed a Valentine’s Day card.

valentine day card, pen

3. Ystӓvӓnpӓivӓ or Friends day.

This very odd looking and sounding word is a Finish word translating to “friend’s day”. In Finland, people called Valentine’s Day as Ystӓvӓnpӓivӓ to remember your close friends rather than spending time with your lover or loved ones.

4. 2nd Largest seasonal sale of the year

Over 2 million chocolates are sold alone in the US, 50% of roses are sold 6 days prior to Valentine’s Day and about 90% of seasonal cards are sold for this special day alone. So this day makes the 2nd largest seasonal sale of the year post Christmas and new year.

chocolate, cake, velentine day card, roses, flowers

5. Most numbers of marriage solemnized on this day

The Valentine’s Day sees a whopping rush of marriages around the world. Over 220,000 wedding proposals as the average number on this day alone.

6. Largest sale of roses

In the United States, around 185 million roses are sold on Valentine’s Day alone! Just imagine what would be the sale around the world on this day.

7. England’s King Henry’s declaration

England’s King Henry VII officially declared in 1537 that 14th February will be the official date to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the popularity growing for this day.

king henry 7, glasses, love

8. Love for Juliet

The romantic city of Verona, Italy from where Shakespeare’s romantic couple Romeo and Juliet lived. Receives annually 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet on Valentine’s Day.

9. To wear your heart on your sleeve – From middle ages

Do you know where this phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve” originate from? During the middle ages, on Valentine’s Day young men and women go to Valentine Day bowl and romantic evening parties where they would play out a game where they would be told to draw out names from a bowl containing names of probable single girls and boys and each of the sexes would then have to pin the names on to their sleeves for a week and see if they were able to engage themselves with their partners. So this is how the phrase took birth.

10. No Valentine? Then celebrate SAD

People who are mostly single on this day celebrate or commiserate their singlehood by celebrating their single status. Well, “Sad” is not literally sad it is- Single Awareness Day. So cheer up you all singles and enjoy your singlehood freedom by pampering yourself on Valentine’s Day.

single awareness day image

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