12 Interesting & Fun Facts About Fashion World To Surprise You

12 facts you need to know all about fashion.

Think twice as you might not know even the slightest thing about the first modern bra. Leave your latest design or fashion labels hanging at your wardrobe behind, the following facts are truly going to blow up your mind.
1. Oldest garment wore till today

Oldest garment ever wore in human history is loincloth, Unisex undergarment worn by human beings roots back 5000BC until today in some parts (Asia, Africa) of the World. Skirt stood second in the list, Until 1600-1700 both men and women used to wear gown or skirt, Scottish men still wear the skirt as a traditional dress in the 21st century.

oldest garments in human history

2. NY fashion week to beat French fashion

The first official fashion week started in 1943 in New York, Amazingly it was in order to distract the attention away from the French fashion during World War II.

first new york fashion week 1943

3. Napoleon Bonaparte or Designer Napoleon

The trend of putting buttons on the jackets and sleeves was started by Napoleon Bonaparte, he was tired of his soldiers who constantly wiped their noses against their sleeves.

4. Pink belongs to Men

Interesting to read & also true, Prior to the 1940’s, Pink was a masculine colour – preferred by men while blue was more of a feminine colour.

5. Oldest cloth ever dug down

The oldest cloth or dress in the world ever discovered is “Tarkhan dress” actually a women shirt made of linen fabric found Egypt, Radiocarbon dating has proved the dress is 5,500 years old.

6. Yesterday’s models are today’s toys

Unlike today where designers get their designs showcased by models walking the ramp back in 1500, Miniature dolls were clothed with designer’s dresses for the fashion show.

7. For the picture perfect shot

The first modern fake eyelashes were created by Hollywood silent film producer D.W.Griffith.

8. Mother of all the BRAs and saviour of B**bs

Mary Phelps was later known as Caresse Crosby a New York socialite & writer is credited with creating the modern bra. The fun fact is the first bra made of handkerchiefs.

10. Woman’s brain behind the invention of men’s jeans

Born in Russian Empire in 1831 Jewish tailor and American immigrant Jacob W. Davis credited for inventing modern jeans. In December 1870, Interesting fact about this incident is a lady customer to asked Davis to make a pair of strong and robust working pants for her husband who was a woodcutter. He used duck cloth and reinforced the weak joints in the seams and pockets with the help of copper rivets. Jacob Davis collaborated with Levi Strauss and Company and got the patent right for Denim.

11. Fabric  stands clothes is cotton

The fact is for 7000years Cotton has been used in the clothing industry. One bale of cotton(218 KGs) could make 215 pairs of jeans.

 12. Investigator’s shoes called “Sneakers”

Converse was popularly known as “Sneakers” interestingly because the shoes had a very soft rubber sole. Unlike hard leather soles during the 1900s. The rubber soles allowed “sneaking around silently” these shoes were called “Sneakers”.


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