Interesting & Amazing Facts Behind Cosmetics Invention and Makeup

The word cosmetic comes from the Greek word “kosmos” which means world or worldly.

Flaunting your blushed skin and rosy cheeks with pink lips to add more glamour to your face, makeup is a girl’s most important part of her life as she spends most her time looking at the mirror. Decorating her dull face and turning herself into a princess within few minutes.Well, this is what the modern generation has for you, but what about in the ancient times? How did the girls style themselves then? Let’s read some facts about makeup and know better about its contents.

1. Invention of nail paint in America

The patent for nail polish was secured by American inventor Joseph Brueck in the year 1919. First introduced color was pink. Anyone wearing darker shades was assumed to be evil or immoral.

2. India taught hair conditioning and shampooing

Shampoo introduced to the world by the Britishers, originally belongs to Indians. It became part of English language post-British colonized India. It drove from Sanskrit word “champo”.

3. Clay eating for great skin

In 1700s Spanish women would eat clay as it was believed it maintain porcelain-like like a complexion.

4.  Hair color belongs to French

French chemist Eugène Schueller, founder of L’Oreal Corporation known for innovating hair color formula which he named “Oréale” in the year 1907.

5. British used coal tar as mascara eyeliner

In the Elizabethan period, coal tar was used as mascara Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately, because of its flammable quality, its production was stopped. It produced a bad smell and made girls go blind.

6. Hair comb invented by Persians(IRAN)

Credit for the invention of comb used for styling, managing hair goes to Persians. The archaeologist has found the traces of hair comb back 5,000 years in ancient Persia. whereas, The first hairbrush was invented and patented by American Samuel Firey in 1870.

7.Earring and nose ring, less fashion, tradition in INDIA

Wearing earrings seems to be a fashion statement but it’s more of Religious tradition in India.

In India, Nearly all Hindu girls and some boys(Brahmin & Rajput) get their ears pierced in the religious ceremony known as Karnavedha Samskaras before they are about five years old.

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8. Whats that on your cheek?

In the past girls in the west used to pinch their cheeks to get that rosy tint, which we do it by blusher nowadays.

9. Chemistry of ancient Egyptian cosmetics

The Ancient Egyptians invented the original “Kohl Eyeliner”, Which is still the most important part of women’s cosmetic kit. They created it from copper and crystal lead ore.

10. A practice still in continuation but only by women

In olden days, people wore makeup or used cosmetics to frighten enemies, show social rank or make magic.

11. For those who don’t like Fish but can’t resist lipstick

Groundfish scales are often added to lipsticks and eyeshadows to give that shimmery look.

12. Maybelline is the sisterly inspiration

The founder of brand Maybelline named the company after his sister’s name Maybel since(1915) she was the inspiration behind this makeup & cosmetic company.

13. Pimple remedies in ancient Rome

In ancient Rome having wrinkles, freckles, pimples on faces was considered ugly, unhygienic and unwanted in society, so girls used to hide them by putting on swan fat on their faces or donkey milk.

14. Egyptian’s nail polish

Henna or Mehendi as it is called in India was used by Egyptians, to dye their fingernails before nail polish was used(They also started using it, to dye their hair.)

15. Sun tanning began as fashion in West World

It’s a fact that, Coco Chanel started the trend to be tan when she once appeared tanned on a cruise.

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