Top 10 Most Visited Destinations/ Countries in The World – Statistics

panorama view of paris - city of love and romance
Ranking Destination/Country International tourist arrivals 2016
10  Turkey 🇹🇷 31.3 million
9  Thailand 🇹🇭 32.6 million
8  Mexico 🇲🇽 35.0 million
7  Germany 🇩🇪 35.6 million
6  United Kingdom 🇬🇧 35.8 million
5  Italy 🇮🇹 52.4 million
4  China 🇨🇳 59.3 million
3  Spain 🇪🇸 75.6 million
2  United States🇺🇸 75.6 million
1  France 🇫🇷 (Winner) 82.6 million

Statistics source and infographics – United Nations World Tourism Organization


5. Italy – 52.3 million international tourists annually

Italy stands at the 5th position due to its most favorable temperate climate, huge coastal line, old heritage and its architectural and archaeological sites. And Italy is incomplete without talking about Venice.

Fun facts – Italy has 53 World Heritage Sites, which is the highest of any country.

4. China – 59.3 million international tourists annually

The crouching tiger has a lot more to give to its connoisseurs than their beautiful culture and innumerable royal palaces and history boasting of great warriors. It isn’t a big surprise after all that its inclusion in the list is justifiable after the communist country has made a mark in the field of scientific exploration, development and economic advancement all by themselves. They are a global powerhouse by their own terms and soon they are vying for the coveted title for the most developed nation in the world.

source: wikicommons

3. Spain – 75.6 million international tourists annually

The country loved mostly for its Mediterranean and Atlantic climatic condition, about 65 million tourists arrive here every year and forms about 5% of Spain’s GDP. Spain is the second-largest tourist destination in the world ($ 60 billion International tourism receipts) in terms of spending. On an average, each tourist spends about $1000 per visit. The country also attracts many young students looking for financial management courses which the country provide at a very cheaper rate as well as easily available scholarships for the bright ones.


2. United States – 76.6 million international tourists annually

The world’s largest economy by GDP, America is also one of the world’s topmost multi-cultural countries due to hundreds of years of immigration from across the globe. The working sector is a hub for many developing countries looking for a settled lifestyle in the States. Not to forget, “The American Dream” which almost the half of the world looks forward once they get a chance to settle in America is actually a fact. Nature lovers can also go and take a month long holiday to breathe in the air of American life. America tourism industry is the largest in the world, it gets over $ 205 billion as International tourism receipts.


1. France – 82.6 million international tourists annually

Though the city of love and Romance – Paris has been the 5th most visited city in the world, still France has taken over the world as a storm due to which it has been honored with the top spot for the most visited country in the world. France’s appeal as the friendliest destination of the world as well as close ties with its tallies makes it the most visited country and a favorite place for investors to start up their business in this country. France is also famous for its lush green wines, coastal resorts and small villages doting the whole countryside which makes it a tourist’s paradise.

Source: wikicommons

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