Dumbest and Hilarious Lawsuits Ever Filed in United States

We live in the times filled with stupid people crying out for any stupid excuses to hide their mistakes, be at loggerheads with others for minute feuds and blame others for their minor shortcomings, excusing multi-national companies and sometimes even the government as well.

Stupid people will go to any extent to accomplish their so-called idea of earning a few quick bucks and the United States have plenty of them. In the name of lawsuits and register their names in the dumbest person of all list.

Here are few of America’s dumbest & hilarious lawsuits for today’s trivia. You may find some of the cases extremely funny, but interestingly these cases actually got heard in the court:

1. Starbucks got sued for serving too much ICE in the coffee

A woman sued Starbucks for using too much ice in her coffee. The litigation made against the company was the quantity of ice to be more than the quantity prescribed in the company’s ingredient manual. The prosecution determined that the company was misleading its customers by misrepresenting their products by showing more coffee than ice, but in actual it was not.

2. Australian Foster beer got sued in NY

A New York resident Leif Nelson sued Foster’s beer. Wow for misrepresenting their outer label of Foster’s beer with kangaroos and the Australian flag. But in actual the contents of the beer are brewed in Ft. Worth, TX,  United States and has been since 2011.

3. McDonald’s got sued for serving too hot Coffee

A customer visiting McDonald sued the company for her own mistake. She spilled the hot coffee on her lap served to her and sued the company for serving her hot coffee. Hilariously lady sued the McDonald for $100,000 for causing her third-degree burns.

angry child, sports

4. Holy F@@*! Woman sued her own nephew

Jennifer Connell once attended his nephew Sean Tarala’s 8th birthday and returned back home with a broken wrist, and the next thing we hear was, she sued her young nephew for causing injuries to her due to a careless hug. A very stupid and frivolous reason to sue a young boy of 8 and that too a lawsuit of $127,000.

5. Wait!!! The animal rights group sued on behalf of monkey… ahaaaaaa

Animal rights group sues on behalf of a monkey for ownership of “selfies”. While half of the world is taking pride in showing their selfie masterpieces on Facebook with pouts and without pouts. Here we have the animal rights group suing each other for the ownership of the selfie taken by a macaque mistakenly clicked by herself with a camera found by her in the woods left by a photographer.

6. Wait. What is this case?

A bank robber shot after pointing a fully loaded gun at the deputy sues the County for his huge medical expenses incurred after being shot by him. The most frivolous of lawsuits claimed till now and that too by an inmate, who is a criminal in the eyes of the law but claims for the damages caused to him by filing a lawsuit against the law.

7. Fraud woman or a victim?

Not all lawsuits can be foolish, some might be fraudulent too if one plans to earn some quick buck. It happened that two women Lucie Bauermeister, age 23 and Anna Ramatowska, age 26 went out of their house. To inspect a gas explosion which occurred a few blocks away from their houses. While Lucie received just a few scratches (with no valid proof to support her claims to her supposed scratches) and Hilariously Anna faced mental breakdown after seeing the site for which she was visiting a psychiatrist on a daily basis for a cost around $175.

happy woman and sad woman, laugh and cry

8. An alien Israeli case deserve to part of this list, Emoji lawsuit 😆😂🤣

An Israeli couple was sued for $2000 for using emoji🤣. Yeah, you heard it right. The couple contacted a landlord online after searching for an apartment. Due to their excessive usage of emoji online, the landlord presumed the couple is interested in the apartment. But later when the landlord found out about the non-interest shown by the couple he sued them as he lost a month’s rent due to pulling off his rent add from the website.

emoji lawsuit, isreal, emoji cushion covers

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