Nutrition & Vitamins Value of Dry Fruits with Some Healthy Fun Facts

Grasp some fun and interesting yet delectable facts on dried fruits listed below with some Nutritional trivia to keep your day fruitful with a refreshing start.

What are Dry Fruits and its historic relevance?

Dried fruit is a form of the fruit most natural water is removed by drying directly under the sun, these days its also done with the help of specialized dryers or dehydrators.

people of Mesopotamia discovered dry fruits around 6000 years ago

Dry fruits roots are linked with people of Mesopotamia(in modern days parts of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey) dating to about 4000 BC(as per historical evidence). Mesopotamian used to eat dry fruits as sweets at a certain occasion. They were valued by travelers due to the high nutrition value and instant source of energy and long life without the help of preservatives(which were not present then).  Dry fruits were recommended as stimulants during the fatigue.

What are the most popular dry fruits?

Almonds, Raisins, Cashews Nuts, Walnuts, Apricots, pistachios, Dried Dates, Dried Figs, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Flex Seeds

dry fruits, almonds, cashew, rasins

11 Benefits of eating or consuming dry fruits?

– Quick & instant energy source.(Especially during sports and Lovemaking)
– Portable to carry.
– The versatility of taste and choice with nutrition.(raisins, almonds, dried tart cherries, apricots, peanuts)
– Long lasting life with zero preservatives.
– Inexpensive in cost.
– Fat and Cholesterol Free.
– High in nutrition and vitamins value.
– Dry fruits contain anticancer or cancer prevention agent.
– Brightens up the skin tone and gives healthy hair.
– Contains dietary fiber which helps in improve digestion.
– Helps in boosting memory.

What all Nutrition & Vitamins are found in dry fruits?

Dried fruits are the rich source of potassium, dietary fiber(fiber helps in keeping the digestive system healthy), vitamin C, and folate (folic acid), antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin E, niacin, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

11 Amazing facts about dry fruits:

1. Dry fruits are the great source of potassium which helps to make you look more charming and younger looking skin.

girl, fair complexion

2. If you want to lose weight without indulging yourself in some hard time consuming exercise then include dry fruits in your diet and see the magic. Dry fruits also help in strengthening our digestive system.

3. Dried apricots are a great source of Iron, Vitamin A, and calcium. If you are feeling low in any of your days then pop in some dried apricots and feel refreshed throughout the day. You must try apricots if you feel low during your sports your activity.


4. Why go to a doctor if you have your own home remedy to make your migraines vanish? Take a handful of cashews and say goodbye to migraines. But don’t overeat. Anything eaten in excess can destructive for your body too.

5. Looking for lustrous long and thick hair? Start eating dry fruits early in the morning before or along with your breakfast. You will soon see the results within 3-4 months. It literally works- A grandmother’s home based medicinal advise.

6. Dry fruits help in increasing your memory power. If you feel you are unable to concentrate in your work or losing focus on your projects then pop in two cashews or pistachios before leaving for work or before studying, you will be soon able to concentrate on your work.

7. In ancient Egypt, people would bury their near and dear ones with everyday stuff as well as dry fruits as they thought dry fruits had longer shelf life which would then would help the departed to stay full with the servings given to them by their relatives so that they do feel healthy and do not feel hungry even after death.

8. Dried raisins have been once thought to be equivalent to gold in the ancient period. So valuable was this dried grapes that it was once used to pay taxes in the days of King David(around 1000 BC).

dry fruits, gold bar

9. Another raisin fact-Dried grapes or raisins were thought to be once tokens of love in Olden-Day France.

10. Dates have a shelf life of 6 months and thus is a favorite among the desert dwellers where it is grown in clusters on the date palm tree.

11. Dry fruits are not only good for nutrition, they are equally helpful in boosting sexual life. Dry fruits like walnut, almonds, raisins, figs and pine nuts boost sperm count, longer erection, & fertility in male-female both.

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