Lord Shiva – 12 Unheard & Amazing Facts About Shivlinga and its Importance in Hinduism

shiva linga the symbol of universe

Lord Shiva, the supreme deity in Hindu religion is worshipped in the form of linga. Since ancient times and holds great importance for the Hindu women folk who pray the linga for a good life partner and fertility.

Lord Shiva derives its name from the Sanskrit word “शिव”(shiv). which comes from Shri Rudram Chamakam of Taittiriya Samhita of Krishna Yajurveda. Hence Shiva is also known as Rudra, Mahesh or Mahadeva-the great god or the supreme lord.

The story behind Shiva lingam.

In Hinduism, its said that Shivalinga is the shape of our universe. The lingam is represented alongside the yoni(source), a symbol of the goddess or of Shakti, female creative energy. Shivalinga is the infinite form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Parvati). Also, the symbol of the equality of man and nature, not only the male but also the dominance of nature (feminine) in this world.

Mentioned below are some never heard before shocking and weird facts about Shivlinga and its importance in Hindu mythology. Which is truly going to surprise you and clear away many doubts surrounding the linga which is considered as the form of great vitality and power for women and men as well.

Here are some facts Unheard & Amazing Facts About Shivlinga and its Importance in Hinduism

1. What is Shiva linga actually?

Many have given many baseless and thoughtless interpretations regarding the structure of the linga. The most famous interpretation of the linga is obviously the male organ which is a widely accepted interpretation around the world. Hence one cannot say the linga was or is only an Indian symbol, Linga has been mentioned even in texts found in ancient Babylon and Roman texts which referred to the linga as “Prayapas” and found many archaeological pieces of evidence to determine their proximity to the ancient world as well.

2. Linga consists Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesha(Shiva)

Ever wondered why Hindus worship Shiva Linga? Well here is the answer, it consists of everything in it, including TRIDEV. The linga or the lingam consists of three parts. The bottom part consisting of four sides at the ground level is worshipped as Lord Brahma, the middle one revered as the place for Lord Vishnu is the pedestal which is 8 sided and the top part worshipped as the place for Lord Shiva is worshipped as three supreme deities in one single form as per Hindu rituals. Its also contains the universe and nothing is can be bigger than that.

scientific relevance of shiva linga. Linga consists Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesha(Shiva)

3. Linga – The symbol of Universe

Unlike many who make up their own imaginary stories and uncanny interpretations of the linga. Swami Vivekananda has himself confessed to the fact that the linga is a symbol of Brahman(Universe) and not some male organ as professed by many superstitious people residing among us.

4. Scientific Interpretation of Shiva Linga

According to some scientific interpretations scientists have concluded about the linga to be a cosmic egg. Which looks like a molecule which is composed of atoms which are further comprised of three components-Proton, Neutron, and Electron. Hence these components are the three essential parts of the Shiva Linga.

5. The Shiva Linga is considered an amalgamation of male and females reproduction organs

lingam is often represented as resting on yoni.(“womb”, “uterus”, or “source”)(We don’t support fully this fact. However its widespread belief, the reason we are mentioning it here)

6. Western Misconception about Shiva Linga

Western believes in the myth, that goal of praying the Shiva linga is not to arouse any physical prowess as misconstrued by most westerners but to bring forth the faithful belief about their inner energy to the foray.shiva linga consists lord brahma, vishnu and shiva also the universe

7. The biggest question? Why are women prohibited from touching the Shiva Linga?

Many misconceptions and superstitious beliefs have denied the women folk from touching or even doing the Puja. There is no written evident proof of this misconception that women or unmarried women are not allowed to touch Shiva Linga. But some say, Women should not touch Shiva linga only during periods.

In some temples of Southern parts of India, women are even not allowed to enter the main sanctorum where the linga is kept. Male devotees and in some cases of the male priests are allowed to do the Puja.

8. Another reason women are restricted to touch Shiva Linga

In many ancient texts, it has been mentioned that because Lord Shiva performs the most austere form of meditation. Hence he does not wish for any disturbance while meditating. That is the reason why women are not allowed to go near the Shivlinga.

9. Males worshiped linga at natural locations & Women at houses

Since the location of the natural Shivalinga’s have been found to be situated in the most remote, sacred and inaccessible places even for the mortals hence no men were allowed to these sacred places. Hence since then, women became inaccessible to these holy places and only the males were given the right to go near the sacred sanctum. As they are strong and sturdy built which made them reach even to the remotest corner of the world. Women were considered to be weak so they were allowed to do the Puja only within the houses.

10. Lord Shiva –  The God of destruction

Lord Shiva is also considered to be the lord of destruction, hence lot of care was taken by Goddesses and Apsaras.(Heavenly dancing maidens or angels according to Indian mythology) Especially while praying to Lord Shiva that nobody provokes him during his meditation or the whole world would face the wrath of his anger.

10. Lord Shiva – Most ideal husband

In many places of North India women usually, keep the “Sola Somvaar Vrat” that is fasting for 16 consecutive Mondays and pray to Lord Shiva. As Monday is considered to be Lord Shiva’s day and a holy day for all women folk who want a husband just like Shiva. Hence Monday became unanimously day for praying Lord Shiva for the women in order to get a husband of their dreams.

lord shiva with parvati modest avatar by raja ravi verma

11. All men are part of Shiva and all women Parvathi

According to the Linga Purana, it has been specifically mentioned that all men are Shiva’s “amsha-ansh”. Which means of Shiva and similarly all women are part of Parvathi. Lord Shiva’s spouse and Goddess with many names and reincarnations. So can we say that is the reason why men are given the coveted opportunity of touching the linga and not the women folk?

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